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Macallan college has been established to provide high quality training using methods which are contemporary in their delivery. The focus is always on the learner, so we ensure our learners are comfortable in their surroundings. We have a deep sense of understanding of student needs when moving to a new country.

At Macallan College we know that success in your studies stem, from ensuring that there is holistic support- that this must include support for all our students as they transition in the Australian way of life, at school, socially and in the workplace.

It may surprise you to learn, but Australia is the third most popular choice for international students behind only America and the United Kingdom. This is because we boast an exceptional history of providing high quality education, consistently, over many years.

With an estimated population of 24 million, we are one of the least populated countries with the majority of people settling near coastal areas. Owing to our natural resources, we are one of the most affluent countries providing an excellent outdoors lifestyle.

Brisbane is Australia’s New World City, a multi-cultural hub of creativity and invention that provides students with forward-thinking educational providers and world-leading research facilities, all in a sub-tropical climate ideal for an outdoor lifestyle.

Brisbane a high-quality, accessible lifestyle – especially if you compare living expenses and tuition costs with other developed countries. The city also strives to make international students feel at home, through a range of international student events including the Lord Mayor’s International Student Friendship Ceremonies.

Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, with a population of about 1.4 million people, and is famous for being the most isolated city in the world, completely surrounded by Australian nature: the Indian Ocean on one side and the Australian outback on the other. It is widely regarded as the “Education City” of Australia, and students who study in Perth know that they are receiving some of the very best educations that Australia can offer.

Australia’s largest city, there’s plenty to see, do and experience across Sydney. Offering great dining options, beautiful beaches, world-class shopping and so much more, it comes as no surprise that people from across the globe fall in love with the harbour city.

Home to residents originating from across the globe, Sydney’s dining scene serves up the diverse flavours of Asia, Europe and beyond. Spanning from fine dining experiences through to a great selection of low-cost eateries, there are dishes on offer to match most budgets and tastes.

Sydney’s beaches vary from popular stretches of sand through to secluded swimming spots. Locals and visitors alike enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Bondi Beach and Manly Beach, while secret beaches across Sydney Harbour offer breathtaking views and only a fraction of the beachgoers to share them with.

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