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Macallan College is a premier educational institution that offers a high-quality learning experience for students of all backgrounds. The college boasts a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable faculty members who are passionate about teaching and providing students with the tools they need to succeed in their chosen career paths. With state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology, Macallan College is committed to providing students with a dynamic and engaging learning environment that enables them to thrive academically and professionally.

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Fees may Vary for Each Course , please fill the enquire now form of the respective course you are integrated in and our team will be in touch with you with complete details.
You will need a Student visa (subclass 500) You will need to provide evidence of your acceptance into the program, evidence of your financial capacity to cover your living expenses, valid COE, Genuine temporary entrant (GTE), Health cover and evidence of your English language proficiency.

You can apply for this visa online through the Department of Home Affairs website or contact with Mara Agents.
Yes, international students in Australia can work while studying, but there are rules and restrictions (Work Limitations, Workplace Rights, Workplace Safety etc) in place to ensure that work does not interfere with their primary purpose, which is to study.

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