About Us

Macallan is a premier training college with campuses in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and two in Sydney (Harris Park and Richmond – Regional NSW) offering many unique benefits to our learners which sets Macallan College apart from our competitors.  

At Macallan College we strive to provide you with a first-class experience that is based on up-to-date practices and skills as used in the workplace and across industry.  

We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide. Our aim is to continuously improve on the level of service we offer in all areas.  

There are many factors that contribute to the Macallan College difference:  

We make our training courses attainable.  

  • Macallan College offers courses that are in demand throughout Australia.  
  • Our courses are offered in a good time frame to give students a good learning experience and a large amount of knowledge on the industry they are studying.  
  • Macallan College works hard to make sure students are obtaining relevant industry placement that will help them be work ready and put into practice all the industry knowledge they have obtained. 
  •  We offer a personal training touch, not just an on-line facility.  
  • All our students are treated as individuals and not just as another number. We offer a personal experience from the initial enquiry to receipt of the qualification.  
  • Macallan College have highly regarded and enthusiastic trainers and assessors. Our trainers are highly industry experienced and have a wealth of knowledge. As employees, they have a vested interest in supporting our students when help is needed. The support provided for our students extends beyond the course. We want to see our students succeed to the best of their ability. 
  • Our training courses are focused on getting you qualified and up skilled for the real world.  
  • Our training courses focus on practical application rather than theory and will share with your real-world experiences in the areas of Automotive, Carpentry, Commercial Cookery General English and Business/Leadership.  
  • We believe in maximizing what you have learnt, to be able to transfer over to your employment. Our workshops & commercial kitchens are industry driven and you will learn real, up to date skills on equipment that is current and regularly updated  
  • We engage students through effective use of instruction, discussion, case studies, audio-visuals, role plays, assessment activities, planning tools and more.

Our courses are designed to complete as much assessment as possible during your course.