Certificate III In Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology

Cricos Course Code 099110J
RTO No 41030
ABN 36 165 356 141
Cricos code 03468f
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This qualification covers the skills and knowledge required to perform a broad range of tasks on a variety of light vehicles in the automotive service and repair industry.

There are no training package entry requirements for this qualification

⇒ Student must be 18 years of age or turning 18 years of age prior to the initial course commencement.

⇒ Those undertaking this program must have completed Year 10 or Equivalent qualification or be able to demonstrate equivalent competency.

⇒ If one of the following applies, you do not need to provide evidence of an English test score with your visa application.

» You have completed at least five years’ study in one or more of the following countries – Australia, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, or the Republic of Ireland

» You are a citizen and hold a passport from UK, USA, Canada, NZ or Republic of Ireland

» In the two years before applying for the student visa, you completed, in Australia and in the English language, either the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education or a substantial component of a course leading to a qualification from the Australian Qualifications Framework at the Certificate IV or higher level, while you held a student visa.

» Where required, the minimum requirement for evidence of English test scores are 5.5 IELTS or Equivalent in a recognized English assessment.

The anticipated time to complete the course is 52 Weeks, comprising of:
40 Weeks of Classroom/Workshop based training
6 Weeks (120 hours) Vocational Placement
6 Weeks of academic review/break
*Academic break times are indicative and are subject to change

Classroom / face to face

Training and Assessment will be conducted through a combination of blended learning environments. Both knowledge and practical assessments are required to be completed with a competent outcome for each unit to achieve your certificate.

This qualification level is intended to prepare new employees or recognises and develops existing workers performing mechanical work in the automotive light vehicle service and repair industry

Employment outcomes targeted by this qualification include: Light Vehicle Mechanical Technician

After completing this course, you could enrol into the

⇒ AUR40216 Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis,
⇒ AUR40816 Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Overhauling or other relevant qualifications or explore further study options in the automotive sector.

A certificate is issued where all 36 units have been deemed competent. A statement of attainment is issued when only some units are deemed competent and the course is not completed in full. Issuing of your certificate and or statement of attainment occurs within 30 days of last unit being deemed competent, however this may be delayed in the event that you have not provided your Unique Student Identifier (USI) or you have an outstanding debt.

36 Units in Total
20 core unit + 16 elective units

The following lists of units of competency have been selected as being an appropriate combination and suitable for industry required outcomes. Elective can be chosen according to the requirement of the student.

AURETR025 – Test, charge and replace batteries and jump-start vehicles
AURETR029 – Diagnose and repair charging systems
AURETR030 – Diagnose and repair starting systems
AURETR031 – Diagnose and repair ignition systems
AURLTB003 – Diagnose and repair light vehicle hydraulic braking systems
AURLTD004 – Diagnose and repair light vehicle steering systems
AURLTD005 – Diagnose and repair light vehicle suspension systems
AURLTE002 – Diagnose and repair light vehicle engines
AURLTZ001 – Diagnose and repair light vehicle emission control systems
AURTTA004 – Carry out servicing operations
AURTTA018 – Carry out diagnostic procedures
AURTTB001 – Inspect and service braking systems
AURTTC003 – Diagnose and repair cooling systems
AURTTE004 – Inspect and service engines
AURTTF001 – Inspect and service petrol fuel systems
AURTTK002 – Use and maintain tools and equipment in an automotive workplace
AURETR024 – Diagnose and repair compression ignition engine management systems
AURETR028 – Diagnose and repair instruments and warning systems
AURETR032 – Diagnose and repair automotive electrical systems
AURLTJ002 – Remove, inspect, repair and refit light vehicle tyres and tubes
AURLTJ011 – Select light vehicle wheels and tyres
AURLTJ013 – Remove, inspect and refit light vehicle wheel and tyre assemblies
AURLTX013 – Diagnose and repair light vehicle clutch systems
AURTTA005 – Select and use bearings, seals, gaskets, sealants and adhesives
AURTTA017 – Carry out vehicle safety inspections
AURTTF005 – Diagnose and repair engine forced-induction systems
AURTTK001 – Use and maintain measuring equipment in an automotive workplace
AURTTQ001 – Inspect and service final drive assemblies
AURTTQ003 – Inspect and service drive shafts
AURTTX002 – Inspect and service manual transmissions
AURTTX003 – Inspect and service automatic transmissions
AURTTZ002 – Diagnose and repair exhaust systems

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