General English

Cricos Course Code: 089953D

What is the Qualification About?

Macallan College offers our General English course designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of learners, from absolute beginners through to an advance level.

Program Entry Requirements

⇒ Student enrolling into the General Course must meet the Country of origin entry requirements in order to obtain the Visa.

⇒ Additionally every Student must sit a placement test to determine their level of English within Macallan College’s Program

Macallan Entry Requirements

⇒ Student must be 18 years of age or turning 18 years of age prior to the initial course commencement.

⇒ Those undertaking this program must have completed Year 10 or Equivalent qualification or be able to demonstrate equivalent competency.

Program Duration

⇒ This course is delivered as full time study at 20 hours per week of scheduled class time delivered over 3 days at Macallan College campus.
⇒ The Students English proficiency level will determine the duration of the of study with each level delivered over 10 weeks, with 2 weeks of scheduled holiday.

Delivery And Assessment

Classroom / face to face
Assessment is conducted throughout the program to determine the students progress.

Career Outcomes

To learn and enhance English skills for:

⇒ Community access and participation
⇒ Personal growth
⇒ Career enhancement
⇒ Professional development
⇒ Further study

Certificate Issuance

On successful completion of each level students will be issued with a Certificate of Partial Completion.

Fees & Charges

Contact the relevant campus for further information.


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