Smith Family Sponsorship
Smith Family Sponsorship


Macallan College’s Mission is to provide excellence in education while assisting in the discovery, advancement, dissemination, and utilization of knowledge in a comprehensive array of academic and professional disciplines; thus cultivating notable individuals who will be confident, effective leaders in a variety of fields, thus becoming accomplished citizens of society.

In line with our mission, to provide excellence in education, Macallan College have Sponsored a
nine-year-old child though the Smith Family throughout 2020, providing:

1. Financial support to pay for school essentials like a school uniform, shoes, textbooks and excursions.

2. Guidance and support from a Learning for Life Coordinator who works with the family and understands the specific needs of a child.

3. Ongoing access to our out-of-school learning and mentoring programs to help students build the skills they need to thrive at school and beyond.

About The Smith Family

The Smith Family is an independent children’s charity helping disadvantaged Australian children to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves.

One in six Australian children and young people are growing up in poverty1, where even the bare necessities are hard to come by. In a family where there is no regular income, money goes on food, rent, and bills. Finding money for a school uniform, proper shoes, textbooks or the next school excursion is often impossible.

On average, children growing up in disadvantaged homes are two to three years behind their more advantaged peers.

The impacts of poverty are severe and far reaching. When they start school, many children in disadvantaged families are behind in basic reading and math skills, lacking the essentials they need to fully participate in their education. Without the skills they need to keep up in class, these students can fall even further behind, making it more difficult for them to stay engaged and motivated at school.

Without early intervention, these children can fall so far behind it is almost impossible to catch up.

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About Macallan College

Macallan College empowers our budding scholars to become contributing and accomplished world citizens by providing excellence in education. Macallan is steadfast in the implementation of an exceptional learning environment in which its students can gain in-depth knowledge through pertinent and modern courses instructed by a highly regarded faculty. Macallan College is inimitable in providing fundamental and modern educational experiences focused on leadership development through responsibility, trustworthiness, respect, fairness, devotion and compassion.