Orientation Program

Attendance at Orientation is compulsory for all students.

Attendance at Orientation is compulsory for all new students. Macallan College will welcome you and share important information about the college and other relevant matters during your scheduled Orientation Session. You will also be provided with information about your course/s of study, learning resources, assessment process and procedures, attendance requirements in classes, details of commitments and expectations, and other important College’s policies as well as academic and administrative matters. You will be notified of your orientation date in your letter of offer. This is usually the week prior to study commencement date. Please contact your new campus directly for more information. During orientation you will learn about Macallan College, take tours of facilities, and meet people who will also be studying at your campus. The process also takes you through all the important policies and procedures of the college and your rights and responsibilities as a student. The Orientation Program shall cover the following points:
  • Support services available to assist overseas students to help them adjust to study and life in Australia
  • English language and study assistance programs
  • Any relevant legal services
  • Emergency and health services
  • Complaints and appeals processes as outlined in Standard 10 (Complaints and appeals)
  • Refund Policy and Procedures
  • Requirements for course attendance and progress, as appropriate
  • The support services available to assist students with general or personal circumstances that are adversely affecting their education in Australia
  • Services students can access for information on their employment rights and conditions, and how to resolve workplace issues, such as through the Fair Work Ombudsman.