At Macallan College we take our responsibility very seriously as carers of your career. We recognise the importance of our role as facilitators of your education in Australia.

To ensure you make the right choice for your future plans and growth we have a career counsellor with whom you can arrange a meeting with at any stage if you feel the need to map your progress against your career goals.

We at Macallan assist our students transition into an Australian way of life. Please reach out to us whenever you need someone to talk to.

During your time with Macallan College we would like to ensure we are able to provide a platform for your professional and personal growth by instilling a sense of pride in everything that you do. We aim to make sure your experience with us one which is memorable and enjoyable and hope you will utilise the resources we provide for you.

Being away from home is not easy and the experience of our counsellors places us in a fantastic position to assist and guide you through.