Student Support

Student Support Services

Macallan College is committed to providing appropriate and strong support services to all of our students, to assist them in completing their studies and reaching their academic goals. Macallan College will ensure that all staff members understand their responsibilities towards providing students with help and support and necessary referral services outside of Macallan College.

Our Student Support Service Framework assists students with various issues related to academic, social, accommodation, health, and special needs.

Alternatively, students can contact the College National Student Support Staff via email at

Academic Support

Macallan College will monitor your course progress and attendance in classes. Guidance and support will be provided to you if your academic results are unsatisfactory or if Macallan College identifies you as at risk in obtaining satisfactory course progress and English language proficiency. You will receive advice and support from Macallan College staff members to ensure you maintain appropriate academic progress and commitment to achieve satisfactory results in your academic studies.

You can contact the Campus Student Support Officers to discuss any academic, attendance or other related issues at any time. The Student Support Officer will be able to provide advice and guidance, or referral, where required. Campus support staff are available via the student reception desk in all campuses.

Alternatively, students can contact the College National Student Support Staff via email at

Study Assistance

Each campus has several Student Support Officers available to assist you with every kind of support you need. Visit your Campus reception desk to speak with support staff at any time during college opening hours.

  • Time management issues
  • Setting and achieving learning goals
  • Motivation
  • Learning Support
  • Managing Assessment Tasks
  • Self Care

Also refer to our comprehensive Student Handbook for a list of current services available:

Student Consultation

Macallan College is committed to ensuring that all teaching staff are available for face-to-face and online student consultation during each study periods, including mid-semester breaks, study breaks and timetabled examination periods.

Course Coordinators are available for student consultation by appointment. For urgent matters, you are welcome to contact other Macallan College staff members in your campus. If you need further support feel free to contact

Personal / Social Issues

There are many issues that may affect your studies including personal and social issues. If you need support at any time, you have access to the Student Support Officers during Macallan College hours of operation to gain advice and guidance on personal, accommodation or family / social issues. Where the Student Support Officer feels further support may be required, a referral to an appropriate support service will be organised for you. Also refer to our comprehensive Student Handbook for a list of current services available:

Students Rights and Responsibilities

When you sign and date your International Student Application for Admission Form, you agree to abide by the policies and procedures, including the Student Code of Conduct set by Macallan College.

As a student you have a right to:

  •  Be treated with respect and dignity
  •  Be treated fairly with regards to all Macallan College policies and procedures
  • Learn in an environment free of discrimination and harassment
  •  Pursue your educational goals in a safe and supportive environment so that you have the opportunity to reach your full potential
  •  Expect your privacy to be respected and your personal information to be kept confidential

You Also Have a Responsibility to:

  •  Attend your scheduled learning activities regularly and punctually
  •  Carefully follow the instructions provided during examinations and not disrupt the examinations by any means (for more information, please refer to the Student Assessment Policy and Procedure)
  •  Refrain from using devices which may disrupt classes, such as mobile phones and portable entertainment equipment
  •  Comply with reasonable directions from the Macallan Colleges authorised representatives
  •  Conduct yourself in a safe and healthy manner
  •  Not engage in fraud and corruption
  •  Not breach intellectual property rights and copyright by copying or format-shifting content borrowed from Macallan College library and/or teaching materials and documents created by Macallan College teaching and administrative staff
  •  Identify and report any possible hazards present in Macallan College equipment, facilities, and the environment
  •   Strictly avoid bringing any kind of weapons to the premises of Macallan College
  •   Refrain from smoking anywhere on the Macallan Colleges premises
  •   Refrain from using inappropriate language, alcohol and drugs
  •   Report any discriminatory behaviour, harassment or bullying to the Course Coordinator
  •   Follow all Macallan Colleges policies and procedures including the Student Code of Behaviour as outlined in your Student Handbook – 

You Are Also Expected To Refrain From Behaviour That:

  •  Creates significant disruption to the learning environment
  •  Creates an atmosphere of hostility, intimidation, ridicule, anxiety, or disrespect for others
  •  Contradicts published rules, regulations, procedures, or common standards of safety
  •  Endangers or threatens to endanger the health or safety of others
  •  Contradicts standards of conduct for practicum placements and/or rules and regulations of the practicum workplace
  •  Damages, defaces or destroys the Macallan College property.